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    This product was added to our catalog on Thursday 09 February, 2017.

    APS Motor Heatsink Ver. 2 w/Super Cooling Top Fan for 540 Motor Blue

    NEW RELEASE Version 2 !!

    APS new released Version 2 aluminum motor heat sink comes with latest APS SUPER COOLING FAN.
    At 12,000+ RPM and 0.28~0.3A running speed....this fan increases the cooling experience to turbine-like effect on your 540/550 motors.

    Also very popularly seen on Off-Road RC and TRAXXAS vehicles. What a cool way to run TRAXXXAS.

    ► Heat Sink Color : Anodized blue in aluminum
    ► Fan : High speed DC 7.2V SUPER Cooling Fan
    ► Fan Location : On top of heat sink
    ► Motor Type : designed for 540/550 RC motors
    ► JST male silicone wire connector included
    ► Rust resistant stainless steel screws x 4
    ► Other Colors : Black(K) and Red(R)
    ► Other Style : Motor Heat Sink w/SUPER COOLING Fan on Side (APS91148 in black, blue and red)

    ► Part No. : APS91146BV2