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    This product was added to our catalog on Friday 28 July, 2017.

    BURN EFFECT V3 Jet Smoke System Black

    Price:  USD $61.99

    BURN EFFECT Version 3 (V3) Jet Smoke Generator for RC Drift cars. All new design latest model has the oil tank separate and a mini fan to create the amazing smoke effect
    New SGS device is slim and powerful. Usable with Futaba and majority of Sanwa transmitter radios.
    Easy installation. Smoke is safe using natural herbal essential oil.

    ► Version 3 coil is thicker than previous version 2.
    ► Replacement coil spare part (sold separately) is easy to install
    ► SGS kit control : stop for 1-2 seconds of heating at coil in every 6-7 seconds to minimize over-heating
    ► Kit content : SGS device x 1; tank generator set x 1; fan kit x 1; oil tank set x 1; liquid smoke bottle x 1
    ► Color : Black
    ► Also available in Blue(B2), Pink(P1), Red(R1), Silver(S1)